TrinityMarriage and Family Spirituality is Trinitarian
Reflecting the Image of God

Jim Pinto, Jr., M.Div.

The Holy Scriptures and Sacred Tradition teach us that Marriage and the Family is a reflection of God Himself. Can there be any greater blessing and call than marriage and the family being a reflection of the Holy Trinity, of God Himself?  We know that God is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and yet three in persons -- One God in three persons.

God in His very nature is relational, affirming, gracious, giving and much more. Marriage and Family is a reflection of the nature and relational essence of the Holy Trinity.

The Love, Integrity and Wholeness of God is made manifest in the love, integrity and wholeness between spouses, and when it is God’s will, in the procreation of children in His Image and Likeness. God is a loving community of Persons. And the family is a community of love -- individuals living in loving community. This is an amazing call, a gracious call and an outrageous privilege.

What reverence each member of the family should have for this calling, for the Lord, and for one another. Marriage and Family is God’s Gift to His people and each family member is a caretaker or steward of this Gift. Marriage and Family are instituted by God and belong to Him.

As we embrace the privilege and responsibility of being a reflection of the Trinity, we should also be assured that He Who has called us to reflect His image and likeness will empower and equip us to fulfill the call. He will empower us with His very life through His Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, and the Church herself. While this lofty call leaves us speechless and breathless, we are assured that He Who calls us is faithful to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine.

Marriage and Family Spirituality is Trinitarian and we are called to reflect the very life, love, and nature of God Himself.

How wonderful is our God. How wonderful is our faith!
Marriage and Family is God’s plan to transform the world.



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