Teachings/Presentations are offered in a variety of time lengths and formats. Duration of presentations, formats and recommended offering may be discussed. Whether a single teaching or extended mission, let’s explore the possibility.

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The Divine Affirmation Blessing

(Excellent for everyone: single, married and the entire church family) Perhaps the most fundamental assurance for every human being is to know the Divine Affirmation of the Heavenly Father as granted by His grace and made manifest through another loving person. Individuals, Couples, Families and Congregations will be instructed in what the Blessings is how to receive and give it to others.

The Theology of the Face and its Application as a Lifestyle

The Theology of the Face offers another way to behold and articulate the greatness of the Incarnation, and its implications for daily living and preparation for eternity. This "theology through encounter" with the Incarnate Deity Jesus, and with the Image of God in the face of the other, is a mysterious, holy and practical adventure with eternal consequences. Jim Pinto’s essay on the Theology of the Face” and his “Face Prayer/Lifestyle” will be included in this presentation.

Intimate Encounters of An-Other Kind

Reflections on the mysterious presence of God made manifest through an intimate encounter with God, others, and matter made holy. Practical steps to practice this lifestyle of holy encounter will be presented with opportunity for participants to embrace and activate this mysterious gift of God.

The Sacraments as Intimate Encounter with God and His People

Reflections include:

Reflecting the Image of God in Life, Marriage and Family

Holy Scripture and Church Tradition teach us that the individual, marriage and the family are reflections of the Image of God. The foundations of the teaching and practical steps to embrace and manifest this reality are explored and “activated” through prayer and faith. 

Marriage and God’s Plan

Jim and Joy’s teachings as seen on the Eternal Word Television Network are personally presented and “activated” through prayer. Themes that may be included in the presentation:

Marriage and Family Spirituality is Trinitarian -- Reflecting the Image of God
The Call and Mission of the Family is Love
A Beautiful and Holistic Vision for Marriage and Family Spirituality
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Prayerful
Prayer through Sighs, Groans and Tears
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Sacramental
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Pro-Life
Family Blessing and Affirming the Image of God
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Transformational
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Spirit-filled
Marriage and Family Spirituality is Sacrificial
Permanence in Marriage – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Building Family Relationships through the Mediation of Christ’s Presence
Marriage, Family and Sacramental Touch
Marriage, Family and The Spoken Word
Marriage, Family and Hope
Marriage, Family and Commitment
Three Key Ingredients for Rearing Children
Life is Short: Carpe Diem-Seize the Day
Are You Trying to Win? - Communication in Marriage

Marriage Renewal

To renew marriages through teaching, counsel, study and prayer. Pulling from the Holy Scriptures, Sacred Tradition and Practical Experience couples will come away with solid foundational teaching and a couple spirituality build on the foundation.

Pre-Marital Training

Presenting the most fundamental aspects of marriage through teaching, modeling and prayer.

Chastity Teaching

Instruction on Chastity as a virtue for every individual in whatever stage of life they are in. Special formats for Teens are available. Conversion, The Sacraments and Sacramental’s are emphasized to make the Lenten Season a time of spiritual growth and encounter with God.

Beginning and Sustaining Small Groups for Life, Marriage and the Family

Key principles are shared, a variety of models are reviewed and practical steps recommended for the development of strong life, marriage and family life cell/small groups.

Pro-Life Spirituality and Activism Seminar

An introduction to the various facets of the Pro-Life Movement, Development of and Sustaining of Pro-Life/Pro-Family Groups and the foundations of a Pro-Life/Pro-Family Spirituality.

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life

A Vision Casting Mission regarding the call to every Christian to be a missionary of the Gospel of Life sent by God to evangelize the world. The general call to every Christian as a missionary and the particular call to formation as a Lay Missionary of the Gospel of Life—An Association of Priests for Life are presented.

My Testimony and Treasures in the Darkness

Joy shares both her testimony and the role of redemptive suffering in yielding eternal treasure. This testimony presentation has moved thousands of people throughout the country to greater faith.

From Ordinary to Extra-ordinary

Most of our lives are quite ordinary, but as Jesus changed everyday water into wine, so He transforms our lives from the ordinary to extra-ordinary. Joy presents a beautiful and encouraging word to “every day” women, wives and mothers.

My Testimony: The Road of Grace-filled Obedience and my Ongoing Conversion

Jim Pinto shares the roots of his faith, conversion and re-version to the Catholic Church. This testimony seems to have something for everyone regarding their own journey of faith and their hope for those they love who are on that journey, too.

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