Jim Pinto, Jr.

Missionary of Life, Marriage and Family
Eternal Word Television Network

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, Jim has lived and proclaimed the Gospel of Life for over 35 years. The truth of the Incarnation - the "infleshment" of God with us in Jesus - has made a profound impact on his life and ministry. Solidarity with the pre-born, minorities and the disenfranchised has led Jim and his family to live a sacramental lifestyle among the people they serve and to invite others to do likewise. Jim has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally for his work in proclaiming good news to the poor, reconciliation among the races and defending the sacredness of life, marriage and the family.

EWTN, the largest Catholic cable and satellite network in the world, airs the Pinto's @Home with Jim and Joy and Marriage and God's Plan short teachings making them available to over 250 million television households in more than 140 countries and territories.. Jim has Co-Hosted EWTNs coverage for the West Coast Walk for Life, the March for Life Canada and served as part of EWTNs Media Team for the D.C. March for Life. Jim also plays a leadership role with the EWTN Media Missionaries who seek to take the Good News of Christ and His Church to every nation on earth beginning in their own city.

The Pintos consider their marriage and family first priority in authenticating their faith in Jesus Christ. They have been married 38 years, have 4 grown children and 15 grandchildren.

Jim's chief desire is to be a man who does what is in the heart and mind of God. He seeks to live his life in abandonment to the Holy Trinity knowing that: "he who saves his life will lose it and he who loses his life will find it." He continually is looking for the Face of God in every face, especially the pre-born, the aged, widow, orphan, alien, and the helpless, believing what Nicholas of Cusa stated: "In all faces is seen the Face of faces, veiled and in a riddle."

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