Jim and Joy Pinto ∙ Eternal Word Television Network

Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, Marriage and Family

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, Jim and Joy have lived and proclaimed the Gospel of Life for over 35 years. The truth of the Incarnation -the "infleshment" of God with us in Jesus - has made a profound impact on their lives and has led them to live in radical solidarity with the pre-born, minorities and the disenfranchised. The Pinto's have been directly involved in many aspects of the Pro-life Movement. Currently, Joy serves as Executive Director and Jim as Director of Development at Her Choice Birmingham Women's Center, Birmingham, Alabama. The Pintos mobilize every resource possible to encourage mothers to choose life, protect children at risk and to offer post abortion healing.

Through the gracious invitation of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), the largest religious media network in the world, the Pinto's share the Good News of Life, Marriage and Family worldwide. The Pinto's Co-Host EWTNs @ Home with Jim and Joy, short teaching on Marriage and God's Plan and are EWTN Media Missionaries. The Pintos have served on EWTNs Media Team for the March for Life, and have Co-Hosted the Walk for Life West Coast and March for Life Canada.

The Pintos are married 38 years and are blessed with four children and 15 grandchildren. They consider their marriage and family first priority in authenticating their faith in Jesus Christ and His Church. They are effective and passionate communicators who believe that Life, Marriage and Family is God's plan to transform the world and that He will prevail!

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